Baati is a flagship dish of Rajasthan. In simple words, it is hard and small wheat bread baked in the shape of ball. Baati with Dal and Choorma makes a complete meal. Baati is dipped in melted ghee and served hot with Dal. Variety of Dal varies from region to region but surprisingly it tastes well with all the Dal varieties. Baati was traditionally cooked in dried cow’s dung but now a days it is baked in ovens. Baati can either be plain or with stuffing of potato, paneer, onion or peas. Today I am posting recipe of plain Baati.


2 cup Wheat flour
4 tbsp Ghee
Salt (as per taste)


Add all the ingredients and some hot water to make tight dough. Divide this dough into 4 portions and make balls. Preheat oven and bake ball on 180 degrees for around 50 minutes till it is golden in color. While serving, pour some hot ghee over it.


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