Shahi Tukda


4 White bread Slices
3-4 tbsp Ghee
3-4 Almonds
3-4 Pistachios

For Rabri
500 ml full fat milk
2-3 tsp Sugar
2-3 cardamom
Pinch of Saffron

For Sugar syrup
½ cup Sugar
¼ cup Water
Pinch of Saffron


Rabri – In a thick bottom pan, heat milk on a low to medium flame and stir continuously. While milk boils, add saffron to the milk. Once the milk thickens to 1/3rd of quantity, add sugar and cardamom powder. Boil for another 1-2 minutes and then put off the gas.

Sugar Syrup – In another pan, boil water and sugar on a low to medium flame until it reaches 1 string consistency. Meanwhile add saffron.

Shahi Tukda – After cutting the sides of white bread slices, further cut them into small pieces (1*1 inch pieces). In a pan, add ghee and fry the bread pieces until they become golden brown.

While bread slices are hot, soak them into the sugar syrup for 2-3 minutes. Plate these soaked slices and cover them with rabri. Before serving, garnish with chopped almond-pistachios.



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