Eggless Bakeless Chocolate Cake

Dessert for those who don’t eat eggs and those who don’t bake………

Bakeless Chocolate Cake



100 gm Dark Chocolate
100 gm Unsalted Butter
100 gm Digestive Biscuits
50 gm Almonds
50 gm Walnuts
2 tbsp Nutella
1/4 tsp Cinnamon Powder
40 gm Golden Brown Sugar


Crush all the nuts, digestive biscuits and grate the dark chocolate. Melt the butter in a thick bottom pan, add grated dark chocolate and stir it. Add brown sugar and stir it slowly until the sugar is completely dissolved. Then add Nutella, cinnamon powder and mix it. Put off the gas and add crushed nuts, digestive biscuits into it. Mix it well and put it in a greased cake tin. Refrigerate it for an hour and your cake is ready. Cut it in the shape you want and serve.


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