Khoba Roti

Khoba roti is the traditional rajasthani roti. This can also be mentioned as substitute of baati to some extent because dough of this roti is almost similar to baati’s dough, but since the style of cooking is different so it tastes different. If you want to avoid the trouble of making baati then here is an alternate which can give you same level of satisfaction as you are expecting from baati. Hope you all will like it and enjoy……

Khoba Roti


2 cup wheat flour
3 tbsp Ghee + for greasing
Salt to taste


Mix all the ingredients and make tight dough using required water. Divide the dough into 2 equal portions. Roll out each half into a thick roti (almost 1 cm thickness) of about 6-7 inch diameter.

Heat a griddle over low flame for 1 min. then place the roti and cook it for 20-30 sec. Now turn the roti and pinch it with the help of thumb and index finger, beginning from the sides of roti as seen in below picture.

Roti in process

Let it cook for 5-7 min till the bottom side becomes golden. Carefully turn the roti and cook on the other (pinched) side too. The pinched side can also be cooked slowly over the direct flame. Once cooked, serve it hot with lots of ghee over it.

As main course dish, it can be served with Dal (preferably with Moong Dal) or Kadhi or any other vegetable. Alternatively, as a dessert it can be served with jaggery and ghee. In short, there is no specific side dish which makes a perfect combination with Khoba roti. In all the combinations, it tastes yummy.


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