Dry Fruit Roll

In Rajasthan, when it comes to food, it always begins with sweet then how can I start my blog with something other than sweet.

Here comes my first dish on this blog which is named as “Dry Fruit Roll“. I would like to share here the story behind its origin as well. Once I was trying to make “Anjeer Katli” and for that I soaked figs, but when I made its paste, it was not looking perfect for Katli. Then I decided to do an experiment by it. I added chopped nuts and dates into this fig paste which made the paste and its taste perfect. Everyone liked this dish, as a result I prepare these rolls quite often. The best thing of this dish is that, it has all important dry fruits in it. My husband doesn’t like fig and walnuts but this became good option for him. Since it doesn’t contain sugar and ghee, it’s nutritious as well.

Dry Fruit Roll

Detailed recipe of dry fruit roll is as under –


  • Fig                                                 4-5 pcs
  • Almonds                                       10-12 pcs
  • Pistachios (unsalted)                   10-12 pcs
  • Cashews                                      10-12 pcs
  • Walnut halves                               10-12 pcs
  • Dates                                            10-12 pcs
  • Raisins                                          Half Cup
  • Silver varak                                    3 Sheets


Put fig in normal water for 4-5 hours. Then grind soaked figs and make a smooth paste. Chop all the nuts and dates into small pieces (size of chopped nuts and dates should be equal).

Put the fig paste in a nonstick pan and cook on low flame till the paste become little thick. Add all the chopped nuts, dates into paste and mix it properly. When the nuts, dates and fig paste looks completely mixed then turn off the flame.

Divide the mix into three equal portions and roll them. Put silver varak on the roll (optional). Put these rolls in refrigerator for one hour and afterwards cut it into small pieces for serving.

Your dish is ready to be served…….



  1. Thank you very much for the lovely “Dry Fruit Rolls” – being diabetic I was not used to these sweets, however as you rightly mentioned “Since it doesn’t contain sugar and ghee, it’s nutritious as well” …. good !!!

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